Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer so far...

School's been out for two weeks, but I've been very busy!  First of all, we had to attend a wedding.  We drove about 3 hours and then we stayed with all my cousins (there were 13 kids).  The wedding was really hot because it was outside.  One night, my crazy older cousin decided we should swim at midnight.  It was so dark but the water was really warm.  We only screamed once.  We made a whirlpool that was so strong I kept getting swept away!  After all the cousins left, we went to visit my grandparents.  They have a pool and two kittens, so I was really excited.  When we got there, my mom decided she needed to drive half-way across the country with my aunt, and then FLY home!  I really really really wanted to go, but Mom said that I couldn't fly home.  I stayed with my grandparents and they let me eat lots of chocolate ice cream though, so it was ok.  Mom brought me a giant stained glass coloring book.  We had to go to Dallas to pick her up, so that meant we got to visit AG Dallas.  My grandmother bought me a new church dress and new ballet clothes.  I'd also fallen and bent my glasses, so I got to pick new ones out.  :) Here's a picture of me after we got back to our house.  We've been trying to talk mom into taking that picture of JFK down, but she's not listening.
We're finally back home for awhile.  The strange thing is, when we got home, all my 'sisters' were gone for the summer.  Felicity went to her grandfather's house, Josefina is visiting her sister in Santa Fe, Samantha went to Piney Point with her Grandmary, Kit is with her Aunt Millie in Kentucky, Ruthie is on vacation with her family, and Molly is away at Camp Gowonagin.  I know it'll be awfully quiet around here without them. 
 I'm going to Vacation Bible School this week at our church.  We're pretending to travel to New York City. Today we learned about having faith in Jesus.  I hope I can bring Abbie with me tomorrow! 
The most exciting news is that on Sunday afternoon, I leave for Camp PDC.  Camp PDC is short for Camp Palo Duro Canyon.  I'm very very excited!  I keep packing and repacking my things.  I got my cabin list today.  Here it is:
 Girls 9-10 Cabin 15
Addie J. (Ft. Hood, TX)
Amy M. (Dallas, TX)
Anna T. (Galveston, TX)
Elena A. (San Antonio, TX)
Makennah M. (Parker, TX)
Meghan Y. (Mys Kasmenny, Russia/Lydia, TX)
Samantha P. (Topsannah, TX)
Counselor - Kristin J.

So many girls and such different places!  I don't know how I'll ever wait until Sunday.  I also had to pick my activities today, so I chose Crafts, Water Safety, and Horseback Riding.  I wonder what the other girls in my cabin chose?  Well, I'll update you if anything exciting happens!  I think I'm going to go check again and make sure I remembered to pack bug spray.

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