Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Water Safety

Today was our first full day here at camp.  We had to be at 'flag pole' at 7:30 - before we even got breakfast! We sang our camp song, did the pledges for the Texas and US flags, and said our prayers.  After that, we got to go eat breakfast.  Food here at camp is really great!  For breakfast, you could have scrambled eggs and sausage with toast or cereal.  I'm a picky eater, but even I like that kind of breakfast! 

Cabin 15 girls at Water Safety

Meghan and I show off our swimbands.
After that, we have our morning activities.  Elena, Meghan, and I chose Water       Safety.  Elena helped Meghan and me braid our hair.  I was really glad she knew how to braid, because I was getting it all tangled!  We had to take a swim test this morning.  I earned a purple band - that means I can swim wherever, whenever!  (No, mom, not really.  There still have to be lifeguards around.)  I love to swim, so I knew I could ace that test. Meghan got a yellow band.  I think she got nervous during her test.  Meghan doesn't get to swim a lot in Russia, only when she visits here in the summers.  Meghan has to have a grownup watching if she goes in the deep end, but she is determined that she'll get her purple band by the end of the summer.  But here's the strange part - Elena got a pink band.  That means she can't swim at all!  I think she was embarrassed to tell us that she didn't know how.  She was really upset and scared to take the test, but she was really brave and did it anyway.  Elena will always have to have a grownup in the water with her.  I promised I'd help her out too.  (I'm going to need Elena's help with first aid.  Yikes - all those knots and slings and stuff...)

Cabin 15 flag

After that, we went back to our cabins and got ready for lunch.  In the early afternoon, our whole cabin has Arts and Crafts.  Today we worked really hard on our camp flag.  We decided simple was best.  We also learned some of the SECRET traditions at Camp PDC.  :)  I can't share those here, but it was fun!

In the late afternoon, we get to have free time - which means you can nap, write letters, swim, go horseback riding, play sports, or send emails.  Well, pretty soon it will be time for campfire and lights out.  I really hope Addie doesn't see any scorpions in the showers tonight.  She screamed a LOT last night.  And you know who killed it?  Amy.  I kind of thought that she'd be afraid of bugs.  Ok, I really have to go now, I can hear Anna calling me for campfire.  Talk to y'all soon!


  1. Salut, Makennah!
    Yum...I love eggs (preferably in omelet form) and toast!
    Congrats on passing your swimming test! Hopefully they will let Elena try again. Still, she's lucky to have you to help her out. I agree; first aid can be kind of tricky.
    I love reading about your adventures, by the way!
    Bises...and continue to have a fun summer!

  2. Congrats on your swim test - and your flag looks great!

    What does PDC stand for, by the way? (Presumably the C is for Camp, but we couldn't figure out the rest.)

    Thanks for sharing your photos and your stories! It's so cool to experience your trip vicariously. :-)

    The Green Girls

  3. PDC stands for Palo Duro Canyon. Can't believe I forgot to mention that! :)

  4. Oh cool, thanks for explaining. You may have said before and we just missed it.

    The Green Girls