Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's HOT!

Hi.  So I meant to post a little more this week, but it was SO hot!  We had to change our plans a bit.  Instead of riding horses during the afternoon, we waited until later in the evening.  That meant we had all afternoon to swim and do crafts - anything to keep cool.  It was well over 105 degrees every day!  The grass is crunchy and dry and even the cacti are drying up in the Canyon!  That also means no more campfires - well, actual campfires.  We still have campfire, just no fire.  No s'mores either.  Or fireworks.  I want us to be safe, but it will be a sad 4th of July without fireworks!  I've been helping Elena with her swimming a lot and I really think she's getting better.  She can definitely dog paddle!  I'm really starting to like Amy.  I was afraid she might be kind of mean, but she really is nice and brave.  Bugs, hiking, worms, nothing bothers her!  We are all getting along better, but sometimes I think Anna feels left out.  She doesn't like it here very much.  I'm not sure what to do about that.

Gathering supplies for our Sit Upons
First you need two pieces of felt big enough that you can sit on them.
Well, Amy and Meghan and I are going to teach you how to make Sit Upons today.  The girls like that I have a blog and Amy thought it would be fun to share how to make a craft.  Meghan took most of the pictures for us. So here we go!  (If you don't know about Sit Upons, they are little things you put on the ground to "Sit Upon."  It keeps you from getting dirty or wet!)

You'll also need some paper bags.

Sandwich the bags between the felt.  It helps if you punch some holes in
the felt now.  

You'll need a long piece of yarn.
Then you sew the yarn around the felt using
a whipstitch - which means the thread
always goes through the same side.  You can
sew back the other way, going through the
opposite side of the fabric.  It will look
criss-cross if you get it right.
When you're finished, you can decorate it.
Then take it out in the great outdoors and
USE it!  :)

I'll update again sometime this week!

(I apologize for this wonky looking post - I just can't get it all together!  Thanks for reading and commenting - it's been such fun!)


  1. I love your pictures, Makennah! I've never heard of Sit Upons, but yours turned out really cute. Try not to melt!


  2. The Sit Upons look really cute. That would be a fun summer activity, and they would be perfect for numerous outdoor events.
    Would you mind if I tried making one?

  3. Go for it, Sabine! Give it a try and send us a picture if you make one. BTW - Amy is in love with your blog.

  4. Wow, 105 degrees? We're both horrified and jealous.

    Here it's still cold and rainy and grey; it's hoodie and jeans weather, if not coat weather. Still not much sign of the sun.

    Good thing you can swim to cool off.

    The Sit Upon you made looks great. We'll have to try making them for ourselves.

    The Green Girls