Thursday, May 26, 2011

The last bits of school

Hello all!  I've had a sore throat this week and mom has been hogging the computer (it's the end of the school year, so she has lots of paperwork).  Anyway, I thought I'd update everyone on what happened the last week of school since I'm still AT school with my mom and I'm bored.  Teachers have to work a LOT at the end of the year!
First, we had our 4th Grade Play.  I was a member of the Old 300: "Stephen F. Austin's first 300 families to come to Texas."   We had to sing a song about Texas being our home and we got to wear long skirts.  My sisters helped me with my costume - I borrowed the shirt from Molly, the skirt from Josefina, and the boots from Samantha.  The only bad part was Jordan, a mean boy in my class, told me Old 300 girls didn't wear glasses.  Miss Jones told him that he should be kind and that I would be a wonderful Old 300 girl because I'm a hard worker and the Old 300 had to be hard workers.  That made me feel better.  Here I am in my costume.
 Today was the official last day of school.  We had our awards assemblies and had to clean out our desks.  I HATE cleaning out my desk.  No matter how hard I try, I still find squished valentines and candy cane crumbs and bits of Thanksgiving leaves every year.  This year, Miss Jones really tried to help me organize my things, but I'm still messy.  She told me that I'm creative and artistic, but she never told me I was neat.  I got a really special award this time - I was named Student of the Six Weeks.  Mom was very proud!  Here I am leaving school at lunch.

I mentioned how much I hated cleaning out my desk - but did I tell you how much Mom hates cleaning out my backpack?  Well, she handed me some Oreos, sat me down, and told me I wasn't moving til my things were organized.  I don't think my backpack was too messy this year - what do you think?
 Well anyway, I guess I had better go.  We just ordered pizza and Mom says we need to go pick it up.  I got a great surprise in the mail today - but more about that later!


  1. you think your school is long ,We still have school for another 3 weeks! But that's private school for you. Hope you had a great time in your play and we can't wait to see your special surprise !

  2. Hi Makennah,
    My friend JJ's backpack gets pretty messy. She always has it filled with food and toys. I'm not sure where she puts her school books! I love your glasses; you look very cute in them!


  3. I really like your costume for the play! The last week of your school sounds really neat.
    Congrats on your award!